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Miscellaneous Information:

If you would like Dr Sunderland to offer a lecture, training day or presentation:
Please inform us of the title and topic on which you would like Dr Sunderland to present, who the delegates are, how many there will be, length of presentation, and area of the country.  Alternatively please fill in and return the form below.  Margot does not usually agree to lecture for under an hour. We will  send you all information regarding  fees, terms and conditions.

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Dr Margot Sunderland (Award winning Author and Expert in Child Development, Child Psychology, Child Psychotherapy , and Parenting.

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Forthcoming Public Lectures

Saturday 30 September 2017 (10:00-16.30)
CREATIVE CONNECTIONS FOR HEALING TROUBLED CHILDREN (mindfulness, attachment play, animals, nature and key empathy tools)
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Saturday 20 January 2018 (10:00-16.30)
BUILDING RESILIENCE: USING KEY TOOLS, TECHNIQUES AND INTERVENTIONS WITH CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS (positive psychology, stress management, CBT, mindfulness, 'The Big Empathy Drawing')
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Contact Information

2-18 Britannia Row
London N1 8PA

Tel: 0207 354 2913

Please note: due to major time constraints Margot regrets she is unable to offer a personal advisory service on parenting or child development issues.

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