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Dr Margot Sunderland has written/co-written, designed/co-designed and lectured on many validated training courses in the psychological treatment of children. These include a Masters Degree in Integrative Child Psychotherapy, Diploma in Child Counselling, Certificate in Child Counselling Skills using the Arts, Masters Degree in Emotional Literacy for Children, Certificate in "Parent–Child" Therapy. The courses, all part-time, are run by The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education

Details of some of the courses are below:

Certificate/Diploma in Parent-Child Therapy

Certificate in Parent-Child Therapy: Two-term course weekend days only (12 days)

Diploma in Parent-Child Therapy: Three-term course. Term one and two comprise the taught component of the course. Term three: Independent learning. This term is designed for the student to complete the required supervised clinical hours and dissertation leading to Diploma in Parent Child Therapy. 


This course is designed to train professionals in education, social work and the caring professions to:

  • Help parents and children to talk to each other about the things that matter
  • Improve the quality of parent-child, parent-teenager interactions on a daily basis
  • Empower parents with lovely ways of relating to their child
  • Enable parents to be more empathic, attuned and playful
  • Enable parents to feel more fulfilled in their parental role

Aims and Objectives

So many parenting courses offer skills to address a child’s challenging behaviour. This course is very different. It is about enabling parents and children to have the best possible relationship with each other.

An enormous body of research shows that the quality of "Parent-Child" relationships is of paramount importance for a child’s and teenager’s long-term health and well being. Yet many parents and children never sit down to talk about the good things and difficult things in their relationship. Moreover, as with couple relationships, parent-child relationships can get stuck in patterns of aggression, conflict or emotional distancing. Sometimes, big events in the family cause attachment ruptures, leaving parent and/or child reeling and unable to re-connect.

When things are going wrong, safe short-term intervention from professionals can do so much. Parents and children can be helped to talk to each other about the things that matter, sharing those unspoken resentments, appreciations, hopes, fears and hurts. In addition, the entire family culture can be changed from one of ongoing relational battle or emotional distance, to a deep enjoyment of, and mutual respect for, each other.

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Certificate in Therapeutic Play (University of East London approved course)  

(Part-time weekend day programme, over two terms)

About the Course
This course is designed for people whose work already involves playing with children (0 to 10 years old) but who want to be able to offer therapeutic play to the children who need it. These are children with challenging behaviour, or those who are anxious, angry, unhappy, withdrawn, hyperactive or who have learning difficulties.

On the course participants will experience a wide range of therapeutic play techniques including sandplay, puppetry, directive and non-directive play interventions. They will also learn how to enhance the therapeutic potential of messy play, construction play, make-believe play. Participants will also have the opportunity to enhance their own creativity, imagination, spontaneity, playfulness using a wide range of art forms and play based interventions. They will also learn about the developmental stages of play, the psychology and brain science of what makes play therapeutic, how play can heal troubled minds and enhance social and emotional development.

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